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Drilled Blocks





Assuming every vendor optimizes the performances of its components in narrower moving space, it is no longer suitable that fluids get lost into a maze of interconnections.

Easy to install:

You don’t need to be a detective any longer to install a bunch of components on a naked block.

You receive a moving space plan on the size of the block with valves, connections, bridges and caps before installation. The position of the counter drilling caps is indicated on the hydraulic scheme.


Every installing and moving space plan is recorded in a database.

Computer driven oil circulation network with cloth thickness checking. Geometry transfer from the conception unit towards the production plant without intermediary.

Chaque plan de pose et d’encombrement enregistré dans une base de donnée.

We will answer any request very shortly for:

-          A proposal;

-          The delivery of a moving space plan of the equipped block;

-          Building the blocks according to approved plans;

-          For one of a kind pices, in small or large series.