HYDraulic Engineering Maintenance
Solar Energy




Basic Principle


The thermo energy of this water boiler comes from the sun. It is without any danger and this energy does not produce any kind of pollution.

The vacuum tubes capture the solar energy which is immediately transformed into warmth without need for a mixer or exchanger.

The principle of warmth absorption is not influenced by the environment, i.e. wind or external temperature. Even up to -20C, when the sun shines during a nice sunny day, the water temperature can reach up to 45C!!!


The SUNHYDRO water boiler can be installed the house flat roof, sloping roof or special formed roof, even in the garden and hidden by plantation or surrounding vegetation.


a) As unique water boiler

The SUNHYDRO water boiler can used at a height of +/- 5 meters, without the need of a pump.

Beneath this distance, a pump should be acquired. The minimum diameter of the piping must be 18 mm.

b) As water boiler in complement to an existing system

A warmth exchanger can mix both systems (solar/ gas or electrical water boiler). The advantage is when the electrical boiler reaches a temperature of 60C, and there is still warm water in the solar boiler, the latter could reach a temperature of 100C during sunny days!!!


The boiler is filled via the same pipe as the warm water pipe. The (city or well) water is leaded via an electrical valve which closes as the water level reaches the maximum capacity inside the boiler.

After the first filling, the boiler will warm up according to the solar intensity. As soon as the temperature reaches a given temperature, it can be consummated until the water level goes down up to 25% of the total volume. One can than manually refill with the switch on the control board, or automatically refill at fixed hours (e.g. 8h in the morning).


The boiler. The external side is in stainless steel (304) ;

The bearer is in painted galvanized steel (epoxy coating);

The bolts are in steel (304) ;

The thermo isolation is in polyurethane ;

The vacuum tubes are in hard borosilicate glass, 25 mm hailstone resistant ;


Watch out for the temperature during maintenance of the installation as it can reach 100C !

During long absences (e.g. summer vacation), the tubes should be protected with some tarpaulin cover, as the tubes can reach the temperature of 100C in no time. Also during cold nights, the pipe to the boiler needs to be well isolated, in order to prevent freezing.


Model Tubes Surface Content Length X Width X Height

ZB160-24 1.5m x24st 2,40 m 160 liter 1850 x 1400x1480
ZB200-30 1.5m x30st 3.00 m 200 liter 2300 x 1400x1480
ZB300-30 1.8m x30st 3.60m 300 liter 2300 x 1600x1580