HYDraulic Engineering Maintenance














Rising belongs to our core business via chemical process of ferrous and non ferrous supports, high speed rinsing and decontamination of hydraulic fluids and networks (piping, tanks, …).

Our goal: increase the quality of your production via more reliable installations.

Our sectors of activities: steel industry, nuclear industry, aeronautic and space, food processing, petrol & gas industries, basic or specialized chemistry, petrochemical industry, naval & off-shore, pharmaceutical industry, defense.

On industrial sites, we apply specific treatments such as: immersion, sprinkling, streaming, circulations, tampons, etc… applied to any volumes.


- Grease removal
- Scraping
- Cleaning
- Decarburization

- Descaling
- Decontamination
- Neutralization
- Passivization

- Hydraulic rinsing
- Filtration
- Physico-chemical controls
- Particles control